The Paris MBA Tournament

The MBA Students' Olympics

Out of fifteen sports, IESE won five, among them two of the most prestigious,basketball and football, in addition to cross-country running, mountainbiking and relay races


It is the MBA students' olympics. Strong minds set high goals and weakMBA bodies are dragged around the cross-country trail, bashed up on therugby pitch and ridiculed on the basketball court. The good part is thatMBA's do not see how slow their bodies are moving or how lousy their ballcontrol has become. In their minds, they fly like the wind, dribble likeMaradona and jump like Michael Jordan.

The Paris MBA Tournament takes place every May on the ISA campus outside,of Paris. This year, 130 students went from IESE and met up with studentsfrom the eight most important business schools in Europe. A total of 900participants from IESE, INSEAD, London Business School, IMD, Erasmus, ManchesterBusiness School, ISA and Bocconi competed in 15 different sports duringthe three-day-long weekend from
May 16 - 18.

This year, the IESE students had remarkable success and became the secondbest school overall, after INSEAD, the best ever for IESE in this traditionaltournament. Out of fifteen sports, IESE won five, among them two of themost prestigious, basketball and football, in addition to cross-countryrunning, mountain biking and relay races.

To be able to keep up and improve IESE's good results, it is importantto attract sponsorships. I would like to leave this as a challenge for IESEalumnis around Europe.

If you are interested in helping next year's IESE Paris Team, contactMBA students Ramiro Castillo or Arjen Schouten.

The Paris MBA Tournament takes placeevery May on the ISA campus outside Paris. This year 130 students went fromIESE and met up with students from theeight most important business schoolsin Europe


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